By Martha Sullivan

Sports fans love it when a long shot becomes a champion.

Villanova’s basketball team last month is a great example.

But the Wildcats pale in comparison to:

The 5000-to-1 Leicester City English Premier League team. which became the latest and unlikeliest champion last night, completing the most romantic sporting upset of this or perhaps any other year.

Leicester, thought far more likely to finish near the bottom of the league than to challenge anywhere near its peak, let alone become only the sixth different champion in 24 years, saw its triumph clinched when second-placed Tottenham surrendered a two-goal lead to tie 2-2 at Chelsea. That left Tottenham seven points back with two games to play and therefore out of reach.

It was a journey created across months of human will, toil, thought and effort and there are no legitimate comparisons to be made. EPL teams don’t restock through a draft system if they flounder. There are no salary caps or other mechanisms for parity, nor even any playoffs to allow a hot team to go on a dream run with a handful of wins. For the most part, the rich get richer and better.

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