By Theodore N. Beitchman

Last March, with the NFL draft still two months away, Mike Missanelli and Sal Paolantonio, two Philly media heavyweights, concocted the :


As if Eagles Supreme Leader Chip Kelly could somehow, perhaps with a wave of his magic wand, trade up from No. 20 to draft Marcus Mariota, his former QB at Oregon.


Because these two NFL savants reasoned that without Mariota Kelly would never reach the full potential of his coaching ability because, you know, he needed to have a QB with the mobility to run the read option.

Otherwise, Kelly would be headed into his fourth season as coach without the quarterback of his choice, and he would head back to college!

Two things:

Kelly needing Mariota was a false predicate as they say in the law, and Chipper decided to go with remarkably non-mobil Sam Bradford.

Why in the world would Kelly want to go back to college? That’s like saying a MLB baseball player wants to go back to Triple A!

Judy Battista of agrees:

Whatever faint question there was about a quarterback competition in Philadelphia — and whatever oxygen was expended on Tim Tebow — should end right now. Bradford completed all 10 of his passes for 121 yards and three touchdowns in one quarter against the Green Bay Packers. With that one performance, he validated Chip Kelly’s master plan — at least until the regular season starts — to blow up the roster, trade Nick Foles and try again. Perhaps most encouraging: Bradford stood in against a blitz and threw a touchdown pass as he was about to be taken down by an opponent. We haven’t seen much of Bradford this preseason, but that one quarter provided enough evidence to believe that the Eagles’ offense is in the right hands with Bradford — and if he can stay healthy, Philly’s a playoff team.

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