By Max Harper

Zach Ertz is still an Eagle, which is surprising since everyone thought he’d be traded by now or even cut to save save cap space.

But he looks look, and that means the Eagles will be running a two-tight end set with Dallas Goedert more than most teams are capable of.

And that is nothing but good news for QB Jalen Hurts, as ex-Eagle exec Joe Banner says in the Inky:

Most teams, running a lot of two-tight-end sets is not an option, they don’t have two tight ends good enough to do that.

It’s a very effective setup.

The [Eagles] can do that or any of the other more traditional sets. They’ve got three legitimate receivers they can line up and feel good about. They’re young, so they’ll get better, they’ll make some mistakes, but they’re good players now that should be good.

I think there’s a very good chance for Hurts to thrive between the likelihood that we see somewhat more two-tight-end sets, and the fact that we have the young quarterback who tends to find tight ends as a more desirable, if not easy, place to get the ball to. I think the tight ends will be more effective than they’ve been because they have the ability to finally stretch the field the way they want.

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