By Art Beitchman

The Golden State Warriors firmly put their grasp on the Larry O’Brien trophy as NBA champions earlier this week. They joined a select group of champions to go through the playoffs with just one defeat — the 1983 76ers, 2001 LA Lakers also rampaged the opposition with that same single loss.

How would the ‘83 Sixers match up with the Dubs?

Very good in one huge way.

The Cavaliers played the Warriors tough scoring wise, but fell short on the defensive end, not being able to at least slow down series MVP Kevin Durant who torched the Cavs for 35 points a game. Steph Curry also ran wild throughout the series.

The 1983 champion 76ers would have played the Warriors much tougher on the defensive end — Bobby Jones, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, Moses Malone, Clint Richarson would no way allow the Warriors to just run roughshod over them for 125-130 points a game.

Sure it was a different era, the 3-point shot back in 1983 was virtually a novelty; in today’s game it’s used as a 48-minute per game weapon.

But playing championship defense never goes out of style, the 76ers would have slowed the 2017 champs down enough to give the 1983 76ers a victory in six games, all other things being equal.



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