By Jerry Wein

One of the most hilarious moments in Philly sports history took place on May 7, 2002.

Just a year earlier, the Sixers had lost to the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

And in May 2002, they were bounced in the second round of the playoffs by the Pistons.

Minutes after he jokes about practice, Sixer Allen Iverson becomes more serious and vulnerable.

“I’m upset for one reason: ‘Cause I’m in here. I lost. I lost my best friend. I lost him, and I lost this year. Everything is just going downhill for me, as far as just that. You know, as far as my life. And then I’m dealing with this. … My best friend is dead. Dead. And we lost. And this is what I have to go through for the rest of the summer until the season is all over again.”

As time goes by, the lasting memory from that day will be Iverson’s charming incredulity. But, as has always been the case with Iverson, there are more sides to the story.