“I haven’t heard from him yet,” Eagles Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles told Jimmy Kimmel. “I know he’s busy. I know he’s got a lot going on.”

By Sally Fahey

It’s now 15 days since the Eagles beat the Pats in Supe 52, and quarterback Nick Foles still hasn’t been congratulated by Pats’ pretty boy QB Tom Brady.

What’s up with that?

Brady has weighed in on the loss via Instagram already and he is just kicking it in Costa Rica on vacation with his family. He probably has a little bit of free time. And he gave a shout-out to the Eagles in his Instagram post too.

Foles gave Brady an excuse, and clearly understood the line of questioning, because he said it’s crazy on the field after the Super Bowl. 

“I didn’t hear from him, but I will say this: as soon as the game’s over you can’t move. You can’t even like express emotions. There are so many cameras,” Foles said. “You have to have a blocker in front of you. I was about to getJason Kelce and say, ‘Hey, bro, can you come with me for five minutes.’ Just block, block.”

You’d think Brady would figure out a way to say “Hey Nick, great job winning the Super Bowl as a backup, I know how it feels to have everyone doubt you over and over and over again and come out on top.”