By Peter Gleason

Here’s a twist on the famous country music line:

“Momma, don’t let your sons grow up to be just Cowboys, let them also be NFL announcers!”

Tony Romo is staying at CBS a long-term deal that, according to the New York Post, is worth $17 million per year in a deal that’s “significantly” longer than five years.

That would make the former quarterback the highest-paid NFL analyst in television history.

Romo retired after a 14-season run with the Dallas Cowboys in April 2017, then joined CBS as its lead NFL analyst for the following season. He quickly wowed audiences with his analysis, knack for predicting offensive plays pre-snap and on-air partnership with lead CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz.

That made Romo the hottest commodity in sports media this NFL offseason. But before he officially became a free agent next month, he struck the deal to remain at CBS.

According to, Romo made $127.4 million in total during his NFL career. In just three of his 14 seasons, he made more than $17 million — $17.5 million in 2007, $25.5 million in ’13 and $17 million in ’15.