You read that right! A writer for thinks too much winning will forever alter the fan base’s expectation and make us all whiners. Really:

“I cringe when I think of the Eagles becoming a dynasty. Dynasties often change the chemistry of a fan base. They become entitled whiners, righteous and expectant. They become lean Rocky in a Lambo and Paulie gets a robot.

“I don’t want anyone to like us. I don’t care.

“Dynasties spread like disease until some fraud you went to high school with starts popping out Cowboys fans, and they’re running around your backyard in Dak Prescott jerseys during a barbecue, eating your steak. Fledgling Eagles fans in Fresno or Oklahoma City may mean well, but they don’t have the scars.

“I keep a Rich Kotite trading card at my desk, to remind me of the pain