By Sally Fahey

The Flyers drafted  a physical defenseman, a couple right-handed backliners and some skill up front with a pair of score-minded forwards.

Kids are great, but they haven’t won a playoff series since 2012 and their last Stanley Cup was won in 1975, when Madonna was 16!

In coach Dave Hakstol’s (above) three years, the Flyers have made the playoffs twice and were eliminated by the two-time champion Pittsburgh Penguins last year and the Washington Capitals, who won the Stanley Cup this year, a few seasons back.

How come no one in the lame-ass Flyers butt-boy local media is calling for Hakstol’s head?

GM Ron Hextall Hextall might make a big deal when free agency opens on July 1.


“We want to win playoffs, that’s our goal,’’ Hextall said yesterday after the draft concluded. “That doesn’t mean we’re going to sacrifice any prospect for a one-year asset. It’s not going to happen. We’re not going to move a Carter Hart or a Morgan Frost for a guy that’s going to help us for one year.

“If it comes down to having to wait for some of those kids to take a little bigger piece, we’ll do that.

“In saying that, we would like to move forward, we would like to add a really good player. If we get a chance, we will, assuming the terms and cap hit is right, we will do everything we can do to continue to explore the trade market.’’

“That’s the way teams are built,’’ Hextall said. “Championship teams, that’s the way they’re built. I don’t feel like I have to explain what we’re doing. I think people know what we’re doing.

“You can’t have short-term thinking in my chair. You just can’t.’’

Hextall continues to say he would like to add a top forward and a veteran D before next season.

“I think there’s always urgency,’’ Hakstol said. “And I don’t think we’ve ever had anything but having that feeling.

“We didn’t have success in the playoffs so that’s going to be something that we have to work towards and take advantage of after we’ve done our job in the regular season. We have to put ourselves in position to be one of those playoff teams.’’