By Art Beitchman 

It’s possibly too early in the young NBA season to be overly concerned about Sixers PF Dario Saric’s lackluster play.

Or maybe it isn’t.

Through the first 11 games Saric looks slow, out of NBA-game shape, and worse yet disinterested on the court in his third season with the Sixers.

When Brett Brown was asked after one more sub- par performance from Saric, Brown was less than reassuring stating, “You know what I know.”

Thanks for that Brett!

Although not all his fault, Saric’s off to his worst start in his short career. His FG% is down to 34, 8% less than his career stats. Three point % is also down 11% from career marks. Dario is also having trouble getting the ball to the rim under the basket, a no-no for a successful NBA PF.

What’s the answer?

It’s a shame, and the timing is bad since his second contract was sure to have many more zeros attached to it. Now that all could be in jeopardy.

Still on his rookie contract, Saric left the Turkish league a few seasons ago, bet on himself to have the game good enough to cash in on all the millions of dollars being handed out by NBA owners.

Now, with this shaky start to the season, Sixers management has to be recoiling on giving this 24 year old $20 plus million a year when his commitment appears torn to the 76ers organization full time.

Again, it’s real early with only 11 games played, but the clock is running on Saric’s production to his career stats starting tonight versus the surging Indiana Pacers.