By Peter Gleason

It appears as if the Eagles are assuming that rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has powers beyond his throwing arm:

Those of super talent picker!

But really, who would you trust to assess the Birds’ picks in the 2017 draft: Wentz, a prime-time player, or big boss Howie Boy Roseman, a fantasy football player with no talent-spotting skill?

“From our perspective, we want to make sure that he’s on board with some of these things,” Roseman told

And yesterday, Wentz responded to Roseman’s sentiment during a segment on 97.5 the Fanatic.

“I don’t know to what extent they’ll involve me in all that, but to me personally, it’s just cool to know they respect my opinion enough to even say that,” Wentz said. “To just know they respect my opinion and my approach, it just shows they trust me.”

Roseman said Wentz will probably have a chance to voice his a opinion more often in regards to free agent decisions, because scouting draft picks is more complex.

In any case, the Eagles are making it a priority to show Wentz they value him. Philly’s front office seems intent on ensuring it is in lockstep with the face of the franchise.

“I really appreciate them giving me that chance,” Wentz said.