By Harry Allison

The NBA scouting combine takes place from May 11-15 in Chicago, and two key members of Villanova’s national championship team are testing the waters before determining if they’ll return to campus or go pro.

Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins (above).

While Jenkins seems to be just trying to get an answer on what he needs to do to get drafted in 2017, Hart may actually have a chance to be a first round pick this season.

He’s a tweener, but tweeners that can do a lot of different things and defend multiple positions — Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green, etc. — are all the rage these days. Like both of those guys coming out of college, Hart is tough, he’s versatile, he defends, he rebounds and he cannot shoot.

Some smart team might gave him a promise late in the first round or early in the second round, and that may be enough to pull him out of school.

That would be a massive blow for a Villanova team that’s currently projected in our top five.