By Sam Bush

If the Eagles were to make it to the Super Bowl, winning two games at Vegas oddsmakers have them as underdogs in four of the potential six matchups — favored only against the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills:

Eagles vs. Patriots (-7.5)

Eagles vs. Steelers (-4.5)

Eagles vs. Jaguars (-3)

Eagles vs. Chiefs (-3.5)

Eagles (-2.5) vs. Titans

Eagles (-3) vs. Bills

As for the Eagles’ chances of winning it all? Well, of the 12 teams that qualified for the postseason, the Eagles have the sixth-best odds of winning the Super Bowl Their chances, however, are considered considerably smaller than the top three teams — despite the fact they are the No. 1 seed.

New England Patriots +185

Minnesota Vikings +350

Pittsburgh Steelers +350

Los Angeles Rams +800

New Orleans Saints +850

Eagles +1150

Kansas City Chiefs +1500

Jacksonville Jaguars +1800

Carolina Panthers +2000

Atlanta Falcons +2150

Buffalo Bills +9500

Tennessee Titans +10500