By Sam Bush

Who could have guessed?

Tom Brady is a quitter!

He finally gave up on trying to dis prove his complicity in the “scandal” known as Deflategate,  saying in a Facebook post that he would no longer appeal the four-game suspension NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave him for his role in a scheme to deflate footballs during the AFC championship game in 2015.

The saga started 18 months ago as a dispute over whether the game balls had been under-inflated, which would make them easier to grip and provide an advantage in passing. In the game in question, the New England Patriots romped over the Indianapolis Colts, 45-7, though most of the scoring came after the questionable footballs were replaced.

The game, however, has almost become an afterthought in all that followed: A showdown between the country’s most powerful sports executive and football’s most decorated quarterback; a power play between the league and the players’ union; courtroom drama; red-hot arguments by talking heads on television.