He is a magnet for schadenfreude. He has become, especially in recent years, one of the game’s most ardent whiners when it comes to lobbying for flags. There is scarcely a back judge in the NFL who hasn’t felt his verbal wrath after what he perceived to be a missed call. And while Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have certainly unleashed their share of blistering screeds at Ed Hochuli and friends, when Brady does it, it seems to bug his peers more.

“I’ve never seen any quarterback look to the referee right after he gets sacked more than Brady,” Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith told reporters last year. “Every time he gets sacked, he looks at the ref like, ‘You see him sack me? Was that supposed to happen? He did it a little hard. Please throw a 15-yard penalty on him. Get him fined.'”

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