By Mary Cunningham

Guess what simmering Temple issue is due to be discussed at today’s board of trustees meeting:

The on-campus football stadium, which, pardon the expression, has been kicking around for at least two years.

President Richard Englert announced 10 days ago that Temple is still pursuing an on-campus stadium, pushing the controversial project back into the spotlight after months without a public statement from the university.

However, the Temple News has reported that it is still unknown when the results of the $1.25 million feasibility study will be released or when an official vote on the stadium will be.

The university’s most prominent rationale is that the stadium would save Temple millions of dollars in the long run, compared to the upcoming increased expenses for playing at Lincoln Financial Field.

Englert said the university would have an annual net savings of $2 to $3 million if the football team played in an on-campus stadium.

The university currently pays $1 million per year to rent the Linc, and game-day expenses have grown an by 787 percent since 2003. In 2003, game-day expenses were $195,000. Kaiser projected the university would pay $1.73 million for each game in 2017 in his 2016 report.