By Frank Graham

There have already been ads in advance of November’s presidential election, but as usual, this year’s Super Bowl will draw one of the biggest television audiences ever and candidates want to take advantage of that.

Fox will make sure other advertisers won’t have their commercials running right before or after the political spots, according to a report.

According to Jeanine Poggi of Ad Age, advertisers buying Super Bowl spots won’t see their ads aired before or after planned ads for candidates Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg.

Fox said it was being proactive about any potential concerns.

According to Ad Age, Fox will run promos for its own programming before and after the political ads.

“Fox confirmed with us, before our clients raised any concerns, that the Bloomberg and Trump political ads are isolated from advertisers in anticipation of any issues a brand may have being adjacent and within the same pod,” a source told Ad Age. “This means those longer-form ads would be in the same breaks with promo time or non-paid commercial time.”

Due to the huge audience, Super Bowl commercials are expensive. Reports said a 30-second spot for Super Bowl LIII cost more than $5 million. Fox was apparently thinking ahead and alleviating any concern that an advertiser would have a $5 million spot overshadowed by a political ad before or after it.