So says Fan Rag Sports’ Geoff Mosher:

Multiple team and league sources expect the Eagles to promote Douglas to general manager, a fancier title that comes with a bigger paycheck and likely keeps Douglas from playing the field.

The Houston Texans were interested in speaking to Douglas about their general manager vacancy, but the Eagles denied permission. The Texans eventually went elsewhere.

Now, the Eagles need to make sure other teams can’t hire Douglas away. Promoting him to general manager while paying him like a Super Bowl GM is the best way to keep him.

The sources believe not much would change in the team’s power structure. Roseman would still preside over trades and contracts and have final say on personnel decisions, but Douglas would be in charge of the scouting staff and personnel evaluations.

Douglas has already taken command of the scouting staff, which is under his control. One team source said Roseman sits in scouting meetings but no longer communicates much with the scouts:

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