By Sam Bush

If you’ve been wondering what the status is of Sixers building blocks Joel Embiid, who hasn’t played a game since January, and Ben Simmons, who has yet to play, coach Brett Brown addressed both after yesterday’s practice:

 “We got back from Detroit really late two nights ago and got up the next day and I had Joel and Ben (Simmons) in my office for 45 minutes or so, just talking with them about lots,” Brown told the Daily News. “Twenty minutes after that, went out on the court and worked Joel out. He’s coming along fine. I think that nobody needs to worry that there’s anything deeper than that. We’re just moving slowly and trying to move wisely, but there’s no conspiracy theory going on. I believe that we’re going to see him not too far away.”

As for Simmons, Brown still wouldn’t put a timetable on when the No. 1 pick out of LSU might make his NBA debut.

“We don’t really have a date (for Simmons’ return),” Brown said. “It’s moving forward and I understand fans, especially, and you guys doing your job would like to have some clarity on time, but we can’t give it, it’s just not there. He’s moving along. In regards to when he will play, we do not know that. When we do we will certainly share that with people.”