So says Yahoo Sports:

Oh, it’s probably both believable and real. No, you wouldn’t think a guy who achieves his dream job would be so reckless as take to Twitter to anonymously blast people in and out of the organization, including star center Joel Embiid. Social media can be as intoxicating and addictive as conventional drugs though.

If Bryan Colangelo gets busted here, his career will be just the latest to be negatively impacted, if not ended, via Twitter. Earlier Tuesday, ABC canceled a popular and profitable television show because of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets.

It happens.

In this case, it has provided a perfect storyline for NBA fans. There is a mystery element: Did he really do it? There is a stunning element: Oh, man, did he actually criticize Embiid for dancing at a Meek Mill concert while being injured? There is even a comedic element: Why didn’t one of the burner accounts talk him out of trading (essentially) Jayson Tatum for Markelle Fultz?

Perhaps the same Twitter account that quickly grew so frustrated with the underperforming Fultz, and presumably that trade with Boston, ripped Fultz for his workouts with his “so-called mentor/father figure.”