By Lewis Gould

The Sixers landed the 10th pick in next month’s draft at last night’s NBA lottery, which makes picking Villanova’s Mikal Bridges doable.

Here’s the draft order, in which the Sixers get the 10th, 26th, 36th, 38th, 56th and 60th picks:

1. Suns31. Suns
2. Kings32. Grizzlies
3. Hawks33. Hawks
4. Grizzlies34. Magic
5. Mavericks35. Mavericks
6. Magic36. Kings
7. Bulls37. Knicks (from Bulls)
8. Cavs (from Nets)38. 76ers (from Nets)
9. Knicks39. 76ers (from Knicks)
10. 76ers (from Lakers)40. Nets (from Lakers)
11. Hornets41. Magic (from Hornets)
12. Clippers (from Pistons)42. Pistons
13. Clippers43. Nuggets (from Clippers)
14. Nuggets44. Wizards
15. Wizards45. Nets (from Bucks)
16. Suns (from Heat)46. Rockets (from Heat)
17. Bucks47. Lakers (from Nuggets)
18. Spurs48. Wolves
19. Hawks (via Wolves)49. Spurs
20. Wolves (from Thunder)50. Pacers
21. Jazz51. Pelicans
22. Bulls (from Pelicans)52. Jazz
23. Pacers53. Thunder
24. Blazers54. Mavericks (from Blazers)
25. Lakers (from Cavs)55. Hornets (from Cavaliers)
26. 76ers56. 76ers
27. Celtics57. Thunder (from Celtics)
28. Warriors58. Nuggets (from Warriors)
29. Nets (from Raptors)59. Suns (from Raptors)
30. Hawks (from Rockets)60. 76ers (from Rockets)
*In the lottery