By Lewis Gould

Sixers legend Charles Barkley, who now makes a living dispensing opinions on TNT’s pre-game show, took time out from his awful golf game yesterday to predict that these Sixers will make the playoffs:

“If Joel Embiid is healthy and [Ben] Simmons is healthy, I think they’re definitely gonna make the playoffs,” he told CSN from Lake Tahoe. “Obviously the injury thing has really hurt them the last couple years. But if those two guys are healthy, I think both of them are terrific players. Now you’ve got [Markelle] Fultz, you’ve got JJ [Redick]. They’ve done some good things with the guys coming off the bench. [Dario] Saric was fantastic last year.

“If they don’t make the playoffs, I’d be totally shocked.”

“One or the other is probably going to have to defer a little bit because they both want the ball,” Barkley said of the Simmons-Fultz pairing. “They’re both dominant guys with the ball. I think coach [Brett] Brown is gonna have to really talk to them about that. That could be an interesting dynamic of their team because they’re both ball-dominant guys and they both will probably have to sacrifice a little bit in that area.”