By Ben Sullivan

Could wandering free agent Jeremy Lin land in Philly with the Sixers?

Nobody seems to want him, so it’s not totally insane.

They’re lacking ball screen operators, especially for a team with championship aspirations. Though backup point guard Raul Neto has been underrated throughout his career, he’s just not that type of player.

Lin is a streaky shooter at best and doesn’t have high-level court sense when penetrating, but would nevertheless address the team’s need for another guard who can get down hill and manipulate the floor in ball screen situations – assuming he still has the burst necessary to get all the way to the rim, of course.

Ben Simmons ranked fifth in touches per game last season, per, and figures to shoulder more of a scoring load going forward given expected incremental growth. Josh Richardson was overstretched as something close to a primary option with the Miami Heat, but certainly has the goods to run second side ball screens, push in transition, and attack gaps in the half court. Tobias Harris figures to do a lot more ball handling with Jimmy Butler gone, playing a role closer to the one that propelled him to the best basketball of his career with the LA Clippers. Al Horford will definitely do a lot of playmaking from the perimeter, and Brett Brown will even likely experiment with both he and Joel Embiid running inverted pick-and-rolls.