By Michael Bennett

Sixers center Joel Embiid is signing with Under Armour.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the endorsement deal is expected to be finalized today.

Ad in many things in his young life, Embiid appears ready to test the theory that the NBA’s tallest stars can’t sell shoes.

Embiid’s skill set and social-media presence — particularly on Twitter and Instagram — have made him one of the NBA’s most marketable and popular stars.

The move by Under Armour a co-star at the highest levels of the NBA to go along withSteph Curry.

Embiid has been spotted wearing Under Armour shoes this preseason, including at 76ers media day. He told ESPN about his desire to have a signature shoe while the Sixers were in China recently:

“A lot of people, you know, always have that notion [that] big men can’t sell shoes. When I look at myself … I’m more than a big man. So as far as signature shoes, I’m excited to come and break that.”

Embiid missed his first two seasons in the NBA with injuries. He averaged 22.9 points and 11 rebounds per game last year, but those statistics fail to show his reach as he has 2.9 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million Twitter followers.