By Harry Allison

So, Sixers coach Brett Brown met with the media yesterday for the first time since he added the title of Interim Big Boss in the wake of Bryan Colangelo’s departure.

And, of course, the upcoming draft and free agency were the main topics:

“I feel like we will be bold, we will be smart,” he said. “Nobody is going into this with any other attitude than we will do our homework and we’ll be aggressive. I feel like the firepower, again, so that I’m clear, the firepower I have around me, and I’m in the role that you guys know – we have Marc Eversley leading the scouts, we have ownership that studies this, I think Alex Rucker and Ned Cohen are great. It’s stuff you spitball and go through, but nobody is going into this conservative. There will be an attitude and a boldness that if we feel we have to do something and it’s smart, then that’s what we’ll do.”

The Sixers have six picks in the two-round draft on June 21.

“I think that we all know what that means. It goes deeper than me sitting here and saying, ‘we need 3 and D players.’ We all get that. You all see reality when you watch the playoffs, what the defense is doing to the three point line, what the defense is doing to pick and rolls, what the offense needs to punish that. We felt it in some real ways vs. the Celtics.

“I think at my press conference when the season ended I said it – and I’ll say it again – where you ended, what you remember when the season ended, the things that hurt, the things we struggled with, that’s where we’ll begin. I can get into coach speak as long as you want, but that’s kind of the big picture. Where we ended the season, we will begin.

“When you look at the NBA playoffs, it just further exposes that. It further confirms it to me of what do we need to start a year? What do we need to grow a team? So this thing, ‘what do you need in a player?’, somewhere in all of that you’re going to get more detail of what we’re looking for. It’s easy to start to start with ‘3 and D’ but it goes way deeper than that for me.”

“I think our world is shrinking a bit,” Brown explained. “I think we know what we need a little bit more. We’ve got more clarity on what we have. From that perspective, being in the city, and with this program, we’re just a lot more further along with ‘what do we need?’ I see the world very clearly, from that perspective and having been here as long as I have.”