By Sarah Berkowitz

Sixer Ben Simmons, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft, has been cleared to play this season!

The 6-10 hybrid guard hasn’t played against NBA-caliber competition since the 2016 Summer League because of a fractured foot, but was recently playing in a pickup game in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.  

When the Sixers drafted him, Simmons was a small forward who averaged 19.2 points per game. But in April, Sixers coach Ben Brown said he wanted Simmons to play point guard in the upcoming season.

In July, Simmons told reporters at the Summer League that even though positionless basketball is the rage, “For me, you can move me anywhere. But I’m a starting point guard.”

“When I say point guard, I mean point guard,” Brown said on The Vertical Podcast. “You know, who takes the ball out of bounds, who receives the ball when the ball goes in the basket, who brings it up the floor after a free throw. I’m not talking about Draymond (Green), I’m not talking about LeBron (James), you know, I’m talking about a point guard. And so I intend on trying this.”

The Sixers begin training camp on Sept. 26.