By Annie Ross

Just when we have gotten used to the idea of Ben Simmons as the Sixers’ point guard, here comes ex-Sixers coach Larry Brown to throw a turd into the pool:

“He’s not a point guard,” Brown said yesterday on 97.5 the Fanatic. “Everybody that’s saying that is ridiculous. I watched that kid at Montverde. He’s a point guard when he gets the ball in the half court. He’s a point guard if he gets the ball off the board because he’s such a willing passer and so good with the ball, but if he’s going to have to back it down and bring the ball up against little guys, it’s going to take away from what he’s capable of doing. Whoever is saying that is a moron.”

By the way, Brown took the Sixers to their last NBA Finals in 2001, and he has won an NBA and an NCAA title, so we know he can coach.

But as a talent-spotter, he drafted Larry Hughes for the Sixers in 1998 instead of Paul Pierce.

We rest our case!