By Harry Allison

Sixers center Jahlil Okafor was spotted at Logan International Airport in Boston last night, and he will be with the team tonight when they play the Celtics.

Okafor was a DNP in the Sixers’ game against the Hornets in Charlotte Monday night as he was recently instructed to not travel with the team with a trade imminent.

It was rumored in the days and hours ahead of the 2016 NBA Draft that Okafor would be dealt to Boston in exchange for the No. 3 overall pick (which the Celtics eventually used to select swingman Jaylen Brown), but those talks between Celtics boss Danny Ainge and the Sixers’ Bryan Colangelo broke down.

As for what the Celtics would give up now in a trade for Okafor is unclear. The Sixers surely want to bring the Okafor era to an end as quickly as possible due to all the unrest, so the Celtics might only need to give up a current guard on their roster (a Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley) and not a draft pick.

The Celtics are near the bottom of the league in rebounding, and Okafor – who averaged 7.0 boards per game in his rookie season with the Sixers – would certainly help that situation.