By Harry Allison

And here’s what Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King thinks of the Eagles’ firing of Chip Kelly:

I leave you with this: Jeffrey Lurie has been the poster boy for patience in the NFL. He kept an ill-equipped Ray Rhodes after a four-win season, and he kept Andy Reid for 14 years, and Reid never won a Super Bowl. Lurie is a patient man. But he wasn’t patient with Kelly. Lurie knew something. Something happened that was untenable, and Lurie acted. I don’t like it, but I’m not in his shoes.

We’ll see how it works. For those saying the Eagles will be fine with the best coordinator or best young coaching phenom … cool. But remember: Chip Kelly was as imaginative a coach as has come into the NFL in years. We’re seeing a different game now, with lots of deep passing and an emphasis on the strong-armed quarterbacks. Kelly recognized that. He was on the verge of making Sam Bradford realize his potential.

But something happened. A few things, maybe. And as with Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco last year, and [Bill] Belichick with the Jets in 2000, a coach leaves early, with potential gains lost. I count this as one of the truly great missed opportunities in my 32 seasons covering the NFL. This should have worked. And because it didn’t, a storied franchise starts from scratch, and a great college coach might go the Steve Spurrier route. Sad.