By Martha Sullivan

The cuts and swelling on Ronda Rousey’s face will heal.

But the mental damage she suffered during the beatdown against Amanda Nunes last night in Las Vegas will last forever.

Fighters don’t dare enter the octagon without their confidence fully intact. Rousey’s confidence is shattered beyond repair based on what’s already known.

In November 2015, Rousey suffered her first loss when she got knocked out by Holly Holm in a setback that sent her into seclusion. Three months later, during an appearance on The Ellen Show, Rousey told Ellen Degeneres that she was so despondent after the fight, she considered suicide.

It’s hard to imagine Rousey is any less devastated after her loss to Nunes at UFC 207. She refused to do publicity this week leading up to the fight, presumably a sign of Rousey’s commitment to redemption.