… after hosting him on his stupid show!

By Peter Gleason

You’ve got to hand it radio blowhard Angelo Cataldi.

He evidently doesn’t know what thanks to Google we can all read what he said last week about Sixers No. 1 overall draft choice Ben Simmons.

Cataldi, who admits he knows nothing about pro basketball, bought into the meme that Simmons quit on his team at LSU last season, which is why the Tigers failed to make the Big Dance.

Well, last Friday Simmons appeared on Cataldi’s gasbag hour, and voila, Angelo has done an about face on PhillyVoice.com:

Based on a busy week for the surprisingly engaging young man, I would like to revise my bleak outlook for the new face of our basketball team. I stand by my deep concerns about his ability to shoot, but it appears that his character issues were overstated – especially by me.

The basic perception after a disappointing freshman year at LSU is that Simmons stopped giving full effort as the season unraveled, refusing to play defense, objecting to a berth in the NIT and turning down an invitation to play for his national Olympic team. Apparently, Simmons had good reason for these missteps.

After speaking with him last Friday, I came away convinced that his priorities all along have been aligned with those of the Sixers. He denies quitting in the latter stages of the season – I’m not sure about that – but he doesn’t shy away from the notion that his entire focus has been on turning pro.