So says the Chicago Tribune:

Nobody will feel too sorry for the professional athlete who just signed a contract with the Phillies guaranteeing $75 million over the next three seasons. But even if Jake Arrieta never would admit it, you wonder if a small part of him regrets listening so obediently to so-called super agent Scott Boras, whose unrealistic demands always made it difficult to envision the right-hander remaining a Cub. Arrieta might have been the one standing outside the Phillies team plane in a tweet Monday night, but behind the scenes it was Boras who gassed up the jet and devised the flight plan.

Did Arrieta’s smile look a little forced? No matter how excited Arrieta sounds when the Phillies introduce him today in Florida, how happy can one of baseball’s most competitive pitchers really be after leaving a perennial World Series contender for a team that will consider a .500 season successful?

Arrieta followed Boras’ advice all the way out of town, from Wrigley Field to Citizens Bank Park, which on Monday called “a home run factory.’’ He trusted baseball’s system, and the broken system let him down as much as his agent: