By Peter Gleason

Say this for Gabe Kapler:

Even though he is in way over his head as a manager of men, the Phillies skipper isn’t blinking even though legendary Phils skipper Charlie Manuel is now his hitting coach, starting tonight at CBP against the Cubs.

WIP’s Angelo Cataldi asked Kapler if he felt like his job would be on the line if the Phillies don’t end their seven-year playoff drought:

I don’t know, Angelo. You know this as good as anybody, you’ve been around the game forever. The life of a baseball manager is that you manage until the day that you get fired and almost everyone gets fired at some point. I guess I’d say this: I’m not going to manage scared. I didn’t play scared. I fought and gave everything I had every single day. I’m going to manage in the same way. So, if I get fired, I do, and it’ll be a hard day for me to deal with, but I’m not going to waste a single ounce of my mental or emotional energy thinking about myself when I could be thinking about how I could help us win tonight’s game. The players, those 25 men battling out there, those are the ones that matter.

Kapler was comfortable with the notion of Manuel joining him in the dugout:

I understand why some fans may see it that way. I’m really not worried about that in any way. Charlie is the most popular, the most beloved manager in Phillies history and I’m looking forward to being able to learn from his experience and hear his voice. The Phillies, all of us, are better when we have as much information and as much understanding in the coaches’ room as possible and having Charlie on our team something I see only as a benefit.

The Phillies are 61-58 and two games behind the St. Louis Cardinals for the second wild card.