By Annie Ross

Former Penn State football player Isaiah Humphries has filed a federal lawsuit against the university, coach James Franklin and former teammate Damion Barber, alleging that Humphries was subject to hazing brought on by Barber, linebacker Micah Parsons, defensive lineman Yetur Gross-Matos and linebacker Jesse Luketa, and that the coaching staff was aware of the hazing and did not protect Humphries.

The allegations include instances of the players named collectively orchestrating, directing and facilitating a campaign to harass and haze lower classmen members of the Penn State football team. The hazing alleged in the suit includes the participants stating they intended to make the lower classmen, “their bitch because this is a prison.”

The participants allegedly also referenced former disgraced defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, by exclaiming, “I am going to Sandusky you.” The actions included wrestling underclassmen to the ground, while maintaining restraint, simulating a humping action, wrestling the underclassmen to the ground while another participant placed his genitals on the face of the underclassmen and even instances of the participants placing their genitals on the buttocks of the alleged victims, stroking their genitalia.

Humphries is being represented by PhilLY attorney Steven Marino, who says the incident is not isolated to just his client.