By Lewis Gould

College athletes were given the green light by the NCAA to return to their respective campuses for voluntary workouts in June, and Penn State’s began on June 15.

While college football teams are working ahead and planning for a 2020 season, the landscape for fans will likely look drastically different.

SportsBettingDime recently announced its over/under for fans attending FBS games this season at 13.62 million.

According to Sports Betting Dime, 36,831,692 fans attended games last year, which would signal a 63% decrease in attendance.

Of the 10 teams listed in Sports Betting Dime’s over/under betting averages, Penn State ranks second with the expectation that the Nittany Lions’ will have 40,128 fans, just 38% of Penn State’s average for the 2019 season. Penn State’s Beaver Stadium seats approximately 108,000 and is the second-largest football stadium in the country.

“The starting point is historical data on attendance numbers with recent years, last year being weighted the most heavily,” said Sacha Paruk, head oddsmaker with SportsBettingDime. “From there, it’s not an exact science, but there have been statements from various athletic directors from various conferences about what they see as sort of the most likely plan for the upcoming season. Nobody wants to have zero fans in the stands. That’s abundantly clear.”