Says NFL guru Rich Eisen:

I think some NFL fans need to recalibrate their negative attitude towards paying quarterbacks.

Just because a quarterback hasn’t won a playoff game or even played in one doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in line for a record-breaking contract.

I’m looking at you, NFL fans who think Carson Wentz isn’t worth a 30-million-dollar a year contract.

Who cares if he hasn’t been able to finish the last two seasons?

Who cares if Nick Foles was the one who hoisted the Lombardi for Philly and that he appeared to operate the offensive controls better than Wentz in 2018?

Wentz deserved every penny he got paid simply because it was his turn. It’s what the market bears in the NFL these days for young quarterbacks who show promise during their first contract.

You too, Cowboys and NFL fans who think Dak Prescott isn’t worth a 30-million-dollar contract. Prescott may struggle at times. He may struggle in big spots at times. But he’s won more than he’s lost. He’s actually won a playoff game, which separates him from highly paid quarterbacks named Wentz, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Garrapolo and Kirk Cousins just to name a few. And just like once upon a time it was Stafford’s turn to get paid on a second contract and it was time for Garrapolo to get locked up before he needed to get paid and Cousins got oddly pizzaid on a yearly franchise basis by the Redskins before it was his turn to get paid in free agency, it is now time for Prescott to get paid. What do you want the Cowboys to do? Let him walk? You know who would snap him up and pay him like he wants? Someone else. Because he’s shown ability to win, has a potentially huge upside and, yes, it’s his turn.

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