By Dana Kelly

It’s been about a month since defending champ Villanova got bounced in the second round of the NCAA tournament, and the Daily News’ Mike Kern caught up with Cats coach Jay Wright:

“I went to work the CBS pre-game show before the semifinals and I had to get there early,” Wright said referring to this year’s Final Four. “I’m walking through the bottom of the stands (at Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz.) and there’s nobody there. It reminded me of last year, when we were coming in for the (opening) game. Except this year I felt kind of like an imposter, you know. I didn’t do anything to be there.

“And going through workouts now, we didn’t do any last spring. Because there was no time. We were doing so many other things. That’s when I realized how different it was. But there’s another side of me that enjoys this too. Coaches love practice. You love coaching more than you love going to appearances and stuff like that. This is what you enjoy more, that individual time with the players. In the offseason, it’s a lot more relaxed. I really did miss that last year.”

“We would never trade a championship.”