By Peter Gleason

Villanova’s Donte DiVincenzo is about to have his close-up in tomorrow night’s NBA draft.

The Wildcats’ sixth man has enjoyed a meteoric rise up draft boards because of his sensational shooting ability, skills in transition and overall competitiveness.

“I love him,” an NBA coach told Yahoo Sports. “He’s going to shock the league and he’s got the cojones to do it. … He was the best player in Chicago [at the NBA combine], and it wasn’t even close.”

DiVincenzo, 21, is a prototypical combo guard with two-way ability and the potential to become a three-level scorer.

“The Big Ragu” is a remarkable athlete, which helps him as a rebounder and above-the-rim finisher. As he refines his handle and passing ability, the “Michael Jordan of Delaware” has a legitimate chance to be the steal of this draft.