“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

By Harvey Hoffman

If you’re an Eagles fan hoping that something will change in their world order, Albert Einstein’s famous quote is instructive.

Because lame-ass Eagles coach Doug Pederson doesn’t see it that way. The Birds are 5-7 nand have to run the table the last four games to make the playoffs.

He told reporters yesterday that “as of right now” there will not be any changes to the starting lineup following Sunday’s loss to Miami.

“Even the plays that they (the Dolphins) made, our players were in position to make those plays. We just didn’t,” Pederson said. “They executed. We didn’t. That to me doesn’t deserve any kind of shakeup.”

Pederson is excited to see how the team responds.

“This will be great for our leadership right now, where we are,” Pederson said.

“From my standpoint leading the football team and then challenging the leaders on the team to really embrace this time and to really challenge the guys and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got four games left and a month of this season. We’re not throwing in the towel. We’ve got a lot of football left. We’ve got a great opportunity. There’s still a chance for us. We control our own destiny.’ That’s going to be the message moving forward to this football team. The leaders have to embrace that and they also have to take it to the team as well. I feel really good about that.

“I do believe in our leadership and I do believe in our players,” he added.