By Harvey Hoffman

Another day, opinion about when the NBA will re-start its pandemic-paused season:

“I think it will literally be one or two sites,” Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry said yesterday on CNBC. “I think just to make it easier for everybody, it will probably be two sites.

“Maybe have the West on the Vegas side, and the East on the Orlando side.”

Lasry expects the league owners to discuss the resumption during their May 29 board of governors meeting.

The league office is expected to issue guidelines to allow teams to start recalling players around June 1, according to ESPN. At that time, teams are expected to receive a timeline for when they can expand individual workouts.

“But I think with players coming back, I think right now the momentum seems to be shifting,” Lasry said. “And we should have something. In the next six to eight weeks we should be playing.”