While Porzingis’ camp is rumored to be cool on the Sixers as a potential destination, that certainly won’t stop general manager Sam Hinkie from picking him at No. 3. Joel Embiid’s recent “injury setback” (BTW, Embiid says there was no injury) has made Porzingis a lot more attractive, and there’s still a great deal of uncertainty regarding when Dario Saric, who is more of a small forward, will come over.

According to what we’re told, it absolutely won’t happen before 2016, and could get pushed back to 2017 when he’s no longer bound by the NBA rookie-scale contract. Regardless, Hinkie believes in swinging for the fences in search of maximum potential, and Porzingis, with his tremendous athleticism and sweet shooting stroke, certainly has a great deal of that.

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