By Michael Bennett

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie reportedly has given big boss Howie Roseman a permission slip on Joe Mixon!

NBC Sports NFL writer Josh Norris was on “PFT Live” yesterday with Mike Florio, where he talked about the five or six teams that have owner permission to draft Mixon despite the video of him striking a woman:

“I’ve heard the Saints, I’ve heard the Vikings have done a ton of homework, pro days and visit as well, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders,” Norris said.

“There might be a few more here and there, like he might be on a secondary board for the Dallas Cowboys, not necessarily on their top board, so if he slides a little bit. And I think that other teams will have that kind of similar conversation.

“But if I were to peg a few that are interested the most, the Bengals absolutely, early I think at pick 41 in the second round, and the Philadelphia Eagles in round two as well.”