By Sarah Berkowitz

There has been the whiff in the air that Eagles coach Chip Kelly has lost the locker room.

Mike Missanelli talks about it all the time on the Fanatic, and one reason he does is that Kelly has “thrown his players under the bus” when he talks about execution as the biggest problem for the 1-3 Eagles.

Well, yesterday Kelly owned up and took some of the blame for the offense:

“I’ve got to do a better job play calling,” Kelly said, sounding a lot like his predecessor, Andy Reid.

Asked if he questions his own plays, Kelly answered, “You have to.”

“They’re not successful,” Kelly said of the plays he’s calling. “You can’t sit there and say it’s working. We’re not successful on first and second down. We haven’t been successful in the first half of games.”

One thing Kelly won’t question, however, is his personnel moves. Although Kelly’s two biggest offseason acquisitions — trading for Sam Bradford and signing DeMarco Murray — haven’t looked great so far, he believes he has the right players to run his offense.

“I think we have the right personnel here, no question about that,” Kelly said.