By Harry Allison

Philly common pleas court judge Gary Glazer has unlocked secrets that Penn State have held for 40 years:

New details about the settlements Penn State paid to accusers who claimed Joe Paterno or his assistants knew decades ago that Jerry Sandusky (left in above photo with Paterno) had sexually abused children.

Glazer made the documents public about 8 a.m. today, at the request of the Inquirer, Daily News and other media outlets. The records had been filed during the university’s ongoing legal fight with its insurer over who should cover the costs of the millions of dollars Penn State has paid to end claims tied to Sandusky.

What the records say – which include hundreds of pages – is not yet clear, but they include excerpts of depositions from accusers who say they reported abuse to Paterno or members of his staff in the 1970s and 80s.

That’s far before 1998, the point that an independent investigation had established as the earliest date Penn State’s iconic coach and other school officials knew or should have known about reports to police that Sandusky had sexually abused a child.