Sixers center Joel Embiid may #TrustTheProcess, but he apparently doesn’t trust Mike Krzyzewski’s Blue Devils.

He’s picking this Duke team to pull a 2014 Duke and lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament to Troy.

After former President Barack Obama basically went all chalk, props to Embiid for taking a chance when he filled out his Yahoo Tourney Pick’em bracket – even if he was just doing it to troll Duke fans.

The extent to which Embiid is going against the grain: Duke has been the fourth-most popular pick to win it all in Tourney Pick’em, as 11.7 percent of our users chose the Blue Devils (Villanova, North Carolina and Kansas were more popular).

His title winner, however, is no bolt from the blue. Unsurprisingly, he’s taking alma mater Kansas over Arizona in the national championship game: