By Peter Gleason

Sports media reporter and author Jim Miller yesterday appeared on ESPN’s Dan Patrick Show to discuss the changing sports media landscape. As part of that conversation, he predicted a very different (and very interesting) future for watching sports:

“I have a feeling, you know you go on iTunes and you buy an album or a song, and you pay $1.99 for the song? We could be looking at a situation where you go on your phone, you go on your laptop and you buy that game. So you don’t have an NBA pass for the entire season or you don’t have some big cable bill but you do everything from your own customization point of view. So whatever you want. And it doesn’t even mean you have to tie yourself into a particular league. Just like you go on iTunes and pick out a song, you can pick out, ‘OK, I want to watch the Warriors and the Cavs tonight, and I’ll pay $3.99 for that game or two bucks or whatever.’

“The one thing that we know for sure is that this is an incredibly dynamic moment in time. Technology is now… it’s disrupted the very foundations of the model, where we have to reexamine.”