A good question, posed by MLB.com’s Matthew Leach:

It’s been a good news/bad news year for the Phillies. They’ve taken a big step forward, regardless of how much of a run they end up making at a division title. Philly has done some things well, like starting pitching, and done some things poorly, like defense.

Then there’s the Phils’ offense, which captures both sides — some very encouraging developments, and some frustrating. They’re sixth in the NL in homers, fifth in walks. But they’re tied for 13th in batting average at .237, and the lack of singles and doubles has held down an offense that does some other things very well.

The primary example, of course, is Carlos Santana (above), but he’s not the only one. The Phils took a step forward on the pitching side in 2018, and the power and patience mean its offense can be dangerous. This season on the whole has to be considered a success.

But there are still improvements that need to be made for the Phillies to take the next step: