Says Jeff Pearlman in the New York Times:

For those convinced that Trump and Company would never have colluded with Russia to steal an election, consider this:

Shortly after buying into the United States Football League (and having initially praised the league), Trump arranged for a secret meeting with Pete Rozelle, the National Football League’s commissioner, inside a suite at Manhattan’s Pierre Hotel.

According to those later briefed on the session, as well as Rozelle’s 1986 testimony in a trial pitting the two leagues against each other, Mr. Trump all but begged for an NFL franchise, insisting he would gladly throw the USFL (and his fellow owners) under the bus were it to result in a place for him in the more established league.

According to someone who attended part of the meeting, Rozelle rejected the offer, telling Trump, “As long as I or my heirs are involved in the NFL, you will never be a franchise owner.”