So says ESPN:

A quick look at Mailata’s rugby highlughts with the South Sydney Rabbitohs Under-20s is enough to understand why Mailata piqued the NFL’s interest. He stands 6-foot-8 and weighs 346 pounds. He’s lean and powerful and moves with an agility and athleticism rarely seen in men his size. The rugby league mortals tasked with cutting down the nimble giant stood no chance, bouncing off his tree-trunk legs before hitting the turf with a splat.

“That was impressive,” said Eagles vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas. “That definitely was an eye-opener, watching the YouTube [videos].”

It caught the attention of someone in the NFL’s International Player Pathway program as well. Following a workout in Los Angeles, Mailata was picked to train at IMG Academy along with a select group of overseas players with the goal of securing one of the four NFL practice-squad spots designated for international prospects. The notion of getting drafted seemed to be a pipe dream.

But two things were immediately clear upon arrival at the facility in Bradenton, Florida. The first was that Mailata was a physical freak.

“Well, let’s see, the guy is probably one of the largest human beings I’ve ever seen in my life,” said IMG’s strength and conditioning coach, Jay Butler, when asked about his first impression of the Aussie. Butler was the Tampa Bay Bucs’ strength coach for two years. He said Bucs players in Mailata’s weight range tended to have around 30 percent body fat; Mailata’s was around 17 percent by the end of training: