By Harry Allison

The Sixers opener against the Celtics at the Wells isn’t until Oct. 23, but it’s not too early to assess Joel Embiid’s chances to be the NBA’s most valuable player.

Embiid’s likability extends far beyond Philly and its fans, and he has a very endearing story.

An African teenager who barely knew anything about basketball leaves everything behind to pursue an American dream, overcomes all the adversities of major injuries that cast a lot of doubt on his potential moving forward, to become one of the best players in the league, while in the process leading his team to a deep playoffs run. How do you beat that?

To be clear, though, we just need to get this out there: Giannis is still the favorite to bag back-to-back MVP wins. A man named Stephen Curry is also primed for a breakout season following all that has happened with his Golden State Warriors this summer.

Nevertheless, what we can say with confidence is that this might just be the year that Embiid finally becomes a serious  contender for the NBA MVP crown, and that he might just have an outside shot at bringing home the trophy come June next year.